Squash Practice


We engage middle and high school youth through daily Squash and Academic programming. Urban Squash Cleveland's programming consists of six hours of sessions for each student. These sessions take place six days per week at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University. We also partner with the University School in Cleveland and run sessions in their facilities alongside their students. The team is divided in three groups based on age and levels of squash and academics. Our team members gain opportunities to travel across the US (and at times internationally) to participate in squash tournaments, events and visit universities. The ultimate goal is for our students to be long-term team members who are empowered to continue their education beyond high school. We operate with a highly successful model through the National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA), which has been established for over 20 years and has over 20 member organizations in different corners of the globe.

Note to our Students and Families

Being part of (and continuing in) the Urban Squash Cleveland program is a privilege, not a right. Students that want to continue enjoying this privilege must always show respect and consideration for the program, staff members, volunteers, and fellow participants, including by:
  • Showing courtesy and good sportsmanship
  • Being punctual
  • Being cooperative
  • Having excellent attendance
  • Working diligently and exhibiting good behavior at school and during programming
One of our main goals is to have long relationships with all of our students, but will end our relationship with any student who fails to consistently meet these expectations and requirements.